Tie Grid or grid-connected PV systems

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Net Metering

The customer generates electricity using solar panels fixed on their rooftops which are connected to the grid through a net metering system. The consumer has to pay only for the net amount of electricity that was consumed. If the solar electricity production exceeds the electricity consumption of the premises, the balance amount can be carried forward to future use upto 10 years. No fee will be paid for the excess electricity produced. Existing net metering customers can switch to other schemes if they wish to. However, the accumulated electricity units prior to the signing of new agreement shall not be carried forward.

Net Accounting

If the electricity generation of solar rooftop system is greater than the consumption, the consumer will be paid for the excess according to the below table. If the consumption is greater than the generation, the consumer shall pay for the excess consumption according to the existing electricity tariff structure.

Net Plus

The total electriciy generation from the solar rooftop system would be purchased by the utility. The bill for electricity consumption would be paid to the utility as usual.

The utility would pay the solar electricity producers for the excess electricity exported to the grid on following basis with effect from the date of agreement signed with the utility.

Period LKR                               / kWh
1 First 7 Years                           22.00
2 8th to 20th year                   15.50

The installed capacity of the Generating Facility shall not exceed the Contract Demand of the Producer. The contract period is 20 years.

SLS 1522 : 2016 Sri Lanka Standard Code Of Practice For Grid Connected Photovoltaic Power Systems – Requirements For System Documentation, Installation, Testing & Commissioning